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We’ve all been there… our anniversary has snuck up on us last minute and we are scrambling to find the right gift in order to make our wife(husband, partner, spouse, significant other, [insert title here], from here on referred to as “special person”) feel loved and appreciated while making it memorable. In short, we like […]

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Tours: Dispelling the Myth

As a travel agent I often hear so many of my clients and potential clients cringe and dismiss the idea of going on an organized tour for their upcoming vacation. Why that is you ask? My guess would be that most Americans today associate tours with some crowded bus filled with tacky tourists that are […]

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Welcome to the Family

It’s been over a year since my husband and I opened our independently owned and operated CruiseOne franchise in order to share our love of travel with the world by helping others (and as of April 5, 2016 we’re now re-branded as Dream Vacations!). It made perfect sense to us to combine our talents with […]

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