Experience Life Down Under: 4 Reasons You Should Visit Australia

Experience Life Down Under: 4 Reasons You Should Visit Australia

Have you ever wanted to pet a kangaroo? Have you ever wanted to snorkel or scuba on the Great Barrier Reef? A true journey for all the senses, Australia is a place where you’ll want to keep coming back to see and experience more after each trip. Grab your dungarees and boomerangs and get ready as your journey through the amazing wildlife, culture, food, and natural wonders is about to begin.

Why do you want to go to Australia?



Sydney Opera House

1. Attractions

Australia is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and offers unique experiences for both man-made and natural wonders. How about taking in a performance at the world famous Sydney Opera House? Or seeing the largest living organism on the planet in the Great Barrier Reef? Or learning about ancient aboriginal culture at Uluru/Ayers Rock? From journeying on a walkabout through the outback to sipping some the best wines in the world, Australia offers one-of-a-kind experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.


Couple of Koalas just hanging out

2. Wildlife

Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, platypus, Tasmanian Devils … the list goes on and on for the variety of wildlife that call Australia home. You can hold a koala or pet a kangaroo or even go diving with a great white shark (if you’re up to it). Australia’s wildlife experiences are second to none and there are numerous national parks, zoos, and sanctuaries where visitors can experience these animals up close and personal. There are also many tours that take into the natural habitat of the beautiful creatures and offer you a chance to see them as nature intended.


The Twelve Apostles

3. Natural Beauty

The incredible natural beauty is on display throughout this vast country. From driving the Great Ocean Road to view the Twelve Apostles, to cruising through the Kimberly, to zip lining through the rain forest, Australia offers new opportunities to get in touch with nature. Find your own private retreat on the thousands of miles of unspoiled coast line for a beach getaway or hike through a coastal mountainous range and take in the vista. For photographers, there are countless opportunities to capture the perfect scene.


Wine, Anyone?

4. Food and Wine

Home to hundreds of wineries throughout the country, Australia gives visitors a chance to sample some of the best vino in the world. The land down under is a foodie’s paradise. With cuisine inspired from all over the world, the choices are endless for where you will find that “Wow” meal that has you wanting to come back again and again. Australia is home to numerous food festivals throughout the year featuring distinctive cuisine that will make you want to loosen your belt a bit.

How do you get there? Isn’t it expensive?

Australia has multiple airlines that fly direct from the United States and even a few that makes stops in Fiji, New Zealand, or Tahiti along the way. Leaving from Los Angeles, the direct flight is about 14 hours depending on which hub you choose. The hub airports are in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, and once you land, domestic airlines can take you the rest of the way if you are headed elsewhere in Australia. The long flight might scare you but remember, you’ll have plenty of time to read a good book, watch some movies and get some rest before your EPIC journey through the land down under. Most large jets that make the flight are quite spacious, even in economy seating, so you won’t feel like your stuffed into a can of sardines during your flight. With the US dollar being strong in comparison to the Australian dollar, Americans typically find that their money goes farther in Australia, helping you save a bit for your next trip.

As a certified Aussie Specialist, I can help craft a custom itinerary that will feature all of the places and experiences you want to take in. Contact me to get your trip planned today. Have a favorite story or experience from your time down under? Leave a comment and let us know. 

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