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7 Ways Group Travel ROCKS!

Vacations are fun (at least well planned ones are).  What makes them even more fun? How about going with your friends, family, co-workers, fellow church goers, classmates… get the picture? Why do things on your own and have to tell everyone, “You should have been there.” We’ve listed our top 7 reasons why you should take your next dream vacation with a group.

1. Groups are more FUN!

First and foremost, groups have more fun together. Whether it’s sharing in an amazing cultural experience in a far away land or that hilarious thing that you just had to be there to see, if you’re with a group, the experience is better.  For family, business, friends, alumni, or any other type of group, it is best to be with them as you pet that stingray, kill it in karaoke, or get picked for the cruise game show, that way everyone will be able to recall this shared experience and remember that unique time together.

2. Group travel offers a unique package.

At least it should. When well planned in advance, and working with a group specialist, you can have the trip dreams are made of.  See that once-in-a-lifetime sight that you have been dying to see, take a unique tour through a local market with your tour guide to learn the ins and outs of shopping for whatever your desire, travel to that special vineyard and taste that amazing wine that is not widely distributed. These options can all be planned in advance to ensure that you as a group member are getting exactly the experience that you want. Depending on your group size, the tour or package can be customized for just your group – forget having to share with others!

3. Group travel can help fundraising for a cause.

Did you know that most cruise or resorts have the option to set aside a percentage of the profits to donate back to the charity of your choice? Raise money for that scholarship fund, give to your church, or support that veterans’ organization that is near and dear to your heart. All of this is easy to do with group travel. Simply tell your group leader or your group travel specialist that this is what the group wants to do and it can be arranged. It’s a creative and out-of-the-box way to support a cause.

4. Networking with long lost pals or new business partners

This can be done on a reunion, meeting or conference at sea. Do you have old classmates that you’d like to catch up with and relive some of those old glory days? Would you like to set up or attend a conference in your field and be able to bring your family without worry they’ll be bored?  Why not do it in an exotic location or even on a cruise ship?  When you factor in the cost of food, AV equipment, entertainment, and reserving group space, oftentimes, a cruise ship turns out to be a more cost effective option.  If that’s not your cup of tea, then perhaps an all-inclusive resort might be the best choice.  You can have food, all beverages, activities, and more all included in the event by working with a group travel expert.

5. Vacation & work? At the same time?

One of the more popular ways to take some time for yourself and still get some work done is a trip designed for continuing education. Continuing education whether conducted via lectures or labs can be accommodated nearly anywhere nowadays.  It’s a great time to take the family with you and let them go see and do what they’d like while you sit through the course and then meet up afterwards to enjoy the unique offerings of your surroundings.  You can still take advantage of being in Hawaii or on a cruise (or both!) after your learning/networking event is over for the day.

6. Better amenities than individual travel.

Probably one of the top reasons people like to travel in groups is the fabulous perks and add-ons they get when utilizing their combined buying power. A seasoned group specialist can then negotiate the best value with the vacation provider of choice to help get the most bang for the group’s bucks. Whether it is a complimentary bottle of wine in your stateroom, extra onboard or resort credit, a group cocktail party, or even a group photo for everyone to take home and remember the fun times, there are seemingly limitless perks that can be arranged through your group specialist.

7. Ease of reservation.

When working with a group travel specialist, it is so easy to reserve your place on a unique group travel package. Instead of having to track everyone’s payment, passport, flights, rooming list, dining preferences, seating arrangements, etc. the group travel specialist can take care of managing that so that all YOU have to do is enjoy your trip.  Not only can you get the amazing benefits listed above, but the process of getting there is so much simpler. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Sold on the benefits of group travel, yet? Still have questions? Post in the comments or give us a shout – we’d love to hear from you!

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