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We’ve all been there… our anniversary has snuck up on us last minute and we are scrambling to find the right gift in order to make our wife(husband, partner, spouse, significant other, [insert title here], from here on referred to as “special person”) feel loved and appreciated while making it memorable. In short, we like to be the “hero” who wowed our special person. So, what are the options? How do we do that? If you’re like me, you have tried the special dinner out (it did not go well that year), or the jewelry (she thought it was “too expensive”), or flowers (they were good but deep down, I know she was expecting more). Well one way to be the “best husband(wife/spouse/significant other/…) ever” is to travel with your wife(husband/spouse/significant other/…).


How does traveling make me the “best?”

If you think about it, the most precious gift you can give anyone, for any occasion, is time. To quote the wise old saying “You can make more money, but time can never be made up.” What better way to spend time with someone than to take a trip to a faraway exotic land or cross a destination off your bucket list. When you travel with someone, you’re making memories that last a lifetime, sharing in unique experiences, showing that you are interested in your “special person” and if you do it right, you are definitely achieving the “wow” factor.

Memories are better than trinkets (flowers, candy, jewelry). How many times have you bought the newest and best thing and then soon after the shine wears off? With travel and sharing experiences, you’re “gift” will never lose its luster (unless you never travel again, and in that case shame on you). Can you remember your best vacation ever, even if it was a long time ago? Of course you can. We always remember the good times. You have a chance to give the gift that will get better with time and never lose value when you book that trip for your anniversary.

One of the top reasons people travel is to celebrate a special occasion. Birthdays, graduations, honeymoons, and yes, anniversaries are all a great reason to get out there and see the sights and do the things you and your “special person” like to do. Consider this, on your trip, you can still have a special dinner and night out, you can still buy that special gift, and yes you can buy flowers, but doing so while you’re in Italy or Peru or Hawaii, is just that much more special (and, you’ll definitely be the “hero”).

So where do you go? How do you pick a location? How do you make sure that you’re going to have a good time? How do you not break the bank? How do you find that one location or experience that will be so memorable? In short, you should talk to your travel agent.  Your travel agent can help you get the best experience, the best value, and help you plan that special occasion. That way you won’t be scrambling last minute to find a dinner reservation or stop by the jewelry or flower shop to put something together last minute. Your travel agent is like your concierge for handling all the details to ensure you look like the “best husband(wife/spouse/significant other/…) ever”.

Most people think that taking a vacation for your anniversary has to be lounging around on a beach somewhere with a cold cocktail in your hand and your “special person” right next to you soaking up the sun. That is a great experience, and your travel agent can help you do that. But if you are looking for more, your travel agent can help you do more. Have you ever thought about going on an adventure tour through an exotic location? Or how about taking a cruise through Europe on a luxurious river cruise? Or crossing a location off of your bucket list (can you say “African Safari”)? All of these and more could be what makes this anniversary your “BEST EVER.”

If you plan in advance, you’ll find that it won’t break the bank either. Insider tip: You can make payments on a vacation you book far in advance. So instead of that one big hit to your wallet for the diamond necklace you bought last minute at the overpriced jewelry store, you can break it up over months or even years to make that one large chunk of change seem much more manageable. Don’t fret so much over the sticker price of any one of these trips, instead focus on how much you’ll enjoy having that once in a lifetime experience that makes this anniversary unforgettable (for the right reasons).

If you’d like to learn more about planning the best anniversary ever or how you can make any other special occasion memorable, contact us for an idea packet. Go There With Us.


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