10 Reasons to Take a Vacation (and a BONUS you may not know!)

10 Reasons to Take a Vacation (and a BONUS you may not know!)

Self-care is so important these days. No one is going to look after you like YOU would, so why do we not take those vacations? Why do we run ourselves into the ground until we’re a stressed-out strung-out mess? I used to work in disaster planning and response and have the unique qualification of seeing firsthand just how much people ignore their own wellness and what the ramifications are from doing that. Multiple studies have scientifically proven that taking a vacation can boost productivity in addition to shedding stress and reducing anxiety. It’s not just about going to a spa (although access to a fabulous spa is a nice touch, amiright?). Here are our top ten reasons that you should be taking a vacation to focus on getting back to you.

1. Escape the Stress

Planning a vacation – or being on one – shouldn’t be stressful. Utilizing a travel agent is one great step; we’re your human Google, helping to sort through the mess of “offers” and make sense of what fits you, your vacation needs and budget. Once you select the perfect vacation, it should be easy from there, too! Cruising and all-inclusive resorts are top choices for clients because you can just BE while on vacation and not worry about collecting receipts or carrying your wallet everywhere to pay for things. Well planned tours and packages are also top-notch choices for vacations since they usually have tickets pre-arranged and there’s no trying to figure out maps, stand in line, or get over a language barrier.

"we’re your human Google, helping to sort through the mess of “offers” and make sense of what fits you, your vacation needs and budget"

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2. Experience New Environments

Just getting out of our office and homes is refreshing. Whether that’s sunbathing on a tropical beach with fragrant tropical blooms wafting on the sea breeze or riding a Zodiac into a river basin to explore a remote village in Papua New Guinea, a change of scenery gives our stagnated senses a kick in the pants. Not only a change in scenery but an experience in different cultures can be eye-opening. Whether that's sampling a food you thought you would never eat, or listening to music that is way different from what you normally hear, or dancing a new dance when that is so not your thing. Check out our trip to French Polynesia and the Cook Islands as a great example of something out of the ordinary. 

Nothing like taking your picture with a stingray "smiling" behind you

3. Try a New Activity You’ve Never Done Before

So you’ve always wanted to try SUP (that’s stand-up paddleboarding), but just haven’t had time for a class. DO IT on vacation. This is a great example of a non-motorized watersport that many all-inclusive resorts include in their pricing. It’s no extra charge! But maybe you want to finally get certified for SCUBA and only have time on vacation. Yes, you can do that, too! Spa treatments. Windsurfing. Painting. Cooking classes. The opportunities are endless for new things to try on your quest for wellness.  If you really want to find a way to connect with your special someone, sharing an experience like this can be great. Hubby and I started scuba diving before our honeymoon and it continues to be something we love to do together. Watch the video of us enjoying a dive together in the beautiful waters near Cancun,

4. Be Healthier All Around

Studies have shown that people who take vacation twice a year have less heart issues. Stress can inflict a lot of damage to our bodies when left unchecked. Regular opportunities to de-stress are critical to improving our health. With the alarming trend these days over more work and always being connected, getting out of your routine, experiencing new things, and recharging your batteries can not only make you feel better, it can help you live longer. 

"a change of scenery gives our stagnated senses a kick in the pants"

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5. Discover Yourself

Trying new activities and experiencing new places is fun and diverting, but it also may help you discover something about yourself. Maybe you didn’t know you had a talent for SUP or windsurfing. Maybe there’s a gourmet chef lurking inside that a culinary excursion and class with a chef has awakened inside you. Those discoveries you get to take back home and relish in. Maybe you didn't realize how much you would enjoy nature until you decided to take that tour hiking through the Chilkoot Trail on your Alaskan Cruise.

Butch (Gonzalo) took this photo while hiking the Chilkoot Trail near Skagway, Alaska

6. Return Home a Better Version of You

In a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, it was found that when you come back from a good trip, you are 94% likely to have more energy. Wouldn't you like to have more energy to do the things you want to do in your everyday life? Having that extra pep in your step can also help with your outlook on life in general as most people who take vacations are happier.  One of our favorite cruise lines, Princess Cruises, actually uses the fact that you do come back from a vacation a better version of you in their advertising by telling you to "Come Back New."

7. Reconnect with a Partner – and Yourself

Life is hard. Ignoring your relationship with your partner sets it up for eventual failure. Giving your relationship some time to recover from life’s challenges is an important part of maintaining the relationship’s wellness, too. Take time to disconnect, relax, and enjoy something together. You’ll not only find a boost in happiness with your partner, but also with yourself. And if you find yourself reading this and saying “but we have kids…” then it’s all the MORE important that you get away for some one-on-one time with your partner!

8. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Cell phones by our beds. Kids crying for mommy or daddy. Answering work emails “real quick” before bed. It’s no wonder people don’t sleep much. I know it’s too much to ask to leave your cell phone behind on vacation, but how about turning off the wireless so you ONLY use it for taking pictures to remember the trip? Don’t surf Pinterest before sleeping (guilty party here speaking from experience), but instead take some quiet time by yourself, or with your travelling companion, to reflect on the fun that was had that day and drift off to sleep. You’d be amazed at what a good night’s sleep will do for restoring your wellness.

Dressed for the weather, trying something new, my family went on an ATV tour in Denali National Park, Alaska. It was super fun

9. Improved Productivity Back at Work

There have been lots of studies showing how using your vacation time, and thus restoring your wellness level, can improve your productivity and attitude. What boss doesn’t want that, right? When we take time for ourselves, we can better assist others regardless of what it is we do for a job every day. Returning from a restful and rejuvenating experience can spark new creativity and help you find better ways to do your job. 

Happy couple sharing a lovely cocktail made in a coconut near Taha'a in French Polynesia, a.k.a. Paradise

10. Increased Positivity

When you’re not stressed out, you tend to have a more positive outlook on life. You feel healthier and less tense on vacation (and if you don’t there’s something really, really wrong!). When you believe, you will achieve! Believe and act healthier and you will be. Who doesn't want to be happier? Studies show that taking vacation can lower your risk of depression.

Do our ten reasons have you inspired yet? No? Alright, well here’s one more reason to take your vacation!

BONUS: (this is your reward for getting this far) Pay for Your Vacation in Installments

It never fails to come up at some point when we’re networking that people think they need to pay in full for their vacation immediately when they book. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As long as you plan it out in advance, you can book your vacation with a deposit and then make payments over time. Final payment dates vary based on the type of vacation and who it is with, but we do payment plans ALL the time with clients. (That's one reason why you should use us as your travel agent.)There’s really no excuse to not take your vacation now is there?

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