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Luxury Travel vs. Premium: Are You Overpaying for Premium?

There’s a price to get on a vacation… and get off of it. Whether that’s a ship or a resort vacation, you really do pay two prices when you think about it.

There’s your flights, cruise fare/room rate, airport transfers and parking (or Uber or taxi) to get you where you’re going. Then once you’re there, it’s excursions, drinks, meals, taxis or transfers to and from shopping or excursions… WHEW! Bet you never thought of it that way, right? Luxury travel brings all those costs together rather than nickel and diming you along the way.

You’ve likely seen ads for luxury travel – or even seen us mention it in Facebook posts and elsewhere in the blog about our Silversea Expedition trip, for example. Or maybe you’ve long dreamed of going places like Tahiti on an amazing small ship with a stay in an over-the-water bungalow. But then you always dismiss it as “too expensive.” The past few days I’ve been attending another luxury travel summit to help further develop our knowledge and relationships with our excellent and diverse suppliers. But you know what the biggest take home is for me? It’s making a commitment to share more information on how luxury *IS* affordable for YOU.

The picture of paradise, luxurious Tahiti. What if I told you it could be affordable?

Do you have a pen and paper handy? No? I’ll wait. Now do you? OK, good. Do me a favor. Write down on that paper what you spent on your last vacation to get to where you’re going. Just estimate, that’ll be fine. Now, think about what you saw on your credit card statement the month after you got back. Yep, write that number down. Now, add up those two numbers. That total is what you actually spent on your vacation. You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, I’ll tell you. Keep that number handy and read on.

Take a look at an example that one of our luxury travel partners provided to us for cost comparison for a Mediterranean cruise. As you’ll see, many of the hidden costs make the “cheaper cruise” more expensive than the luxury experience. I can also promise you that the premium cruise line comparison in the right-hand column is an UNDERESTIMATE. Gratuities generally run $98/person and beverages packages $54/person/day. Add to the fact that the food and service are the best in the industry at the luxury level, as expected, and it’s a no-brainer that luxury travel is the way to go.

Let’s get back to that number on the paper. I know, you’re probably cringing because you remembered that you had said you were only going to spend X for vacation and that number staring back at you is likely two or three times that. How many times has that happened now? (You and I both know it’s not likely the first time you’ve spent way more on vacation than you intended.) So the big question is, if you know you’re going to spend that, why haven’t you considered a vacation that already includes all those things you paid extra for… and MORE???? Why have you shied away from the stronger values, unique experiences, and higher customer service? If your travel agent isn’t talking to you about these options, then you need a new agent! (And we’re happy to have a shot at your business!) Pay for quality and get quality.

Look at the numbers YOU wrote down. You DO spend for vacation, so why not get the one you really want? The time is now. Give us a call and work with us so you can see for yourself how luxury travel IS attainable for you.

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