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Enjoy Your Passion and Experience the World in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone has at least one interest that they are passionate about and gobble up any information or experience they can about it. For some, it’s a movie franchise, like Star Wars. Or for others it’s sampling the finest wine available. Maybe it’s a once a decade religious event like the Oberammergau Passion Play or an annual event like the Festival of Holi earning a bucket list spot. But did you know that there are tours, trips and cruises already established that let you enjoy your passion while travelling abroad? Theme vacations can be anything like… Star Wars at Sea on a luxurious Disney Cruise… Sailing down the Dordogne and Garonne in the heart of Bordeaux enjoying the finest wines on the planet... or voyaging to a remote area in Papua New Guinea to see the Mount Hagen Sing Sing, an event few westerners have ever seen.

Step 1: Determine your interest or passion

Think about what drives you. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing or are interested in trying? My wife recently went to a painting class to make some beautiful works of art and now she’s caught the painting bug. Me, I love underwater photography. Check out one of my best shots, taken while on a dive trip in Mexico below. 

Giant Anemone. One of my best photos I've taken underwater

But enough about me... What is your passion? Need some inspiration? Check out some ideas for foodies and movie buffs.

Step 2: Pick a time you want to go

With some interests, this decision is made for you. The Oberammergau Passion Play has been held once every 10 years in the quaint little German village since 1634. Other events are held annually such as the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival in Haines, Alaska where hundreds of bald eagles gather to feast on the final salmon run each year. Still other themes can happen by chance with their dates.

Soaring above the desert at the Albequerque Balloon Festival

Step 3: Call us to make your reservation

Like I mentioned before, working with a travel agent (preferably me and my wife) can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. We work with you to match you up to your dream vacation complete package using trusted companies. We’ll help you plan the perfect experience so you get to enjoy your passion the way you want to. Need more reasons to use a travel agent?  

Step 4: Gather what you’ll need for your trip

Being an amateur underwater photographer, I know that I need to have a waterproof camera capable of withstanding the pressure and environment of being below the surface of the ocean. I made the investment and bought a reasonably nice camera. Then to take better photos, I bought an underwater flash and then a base to make holding the camera and flash easier so I could take better photos. If you’re a wine aficionado, I’m certain that the finest wines aren’t cheap to drink. If you’re a golfer, the latest set of Taylormade woods and irons don’t come cheap, not to mention greens fees at the best courses. Hobbies can be expensive. And especially so if your hobby requires some equipment to make it possible. Make an investment in your passion so you can really enjoy doing what it is you love to do. 

Pasta making class, a must do for foodies

Step 5: Pack accordingly

You wouldn’t wear flip flops and shorts to motoring along the Antarctic coast looking at the huge penguin colonies. You wouldn’t bring your finest evening wear on a trek through the Andes to Machu Picchu. It’s stating the obvious but make sure you pack accordingly for the trip.  If you have questions or doubts about what you should bring, this is another way having an agent on your side can help. Aside from firsthand experience, we can also rely on our professional networks to get you the answers you need.

Got any themed trips you would like to take? Want to tell us about your best themed vacation? Leave us a comment and share your experiences.

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